Simon Waters




A new mentoring / referral scheme -


  1. To monetize the value of small practices / sole practitioners when approaching retirement.
  2. To strengthen ties with Architeam and generate work for emerging architects.
  3. To provide subscription income to AGA
  4. To harness leads for new work internally within our ranks rather than trying to market to the general public.


For some years we at AGA have been pondering how retiring sole practitioners can realize some value from what is often a very large client base. There is usually very little prospect of selling your practice for the simple reason that clients want you personally so would not be impressed if palmed off to an unfamiliar firm.

It seems to us the time has come for this notion to be put in to practice under the aegis of AGA. It is a long held dream of mine but until now I have not been able to develop the idea.

This scheme differs from other mentoring ideas by being project based.

An initiative of Architects Group Australia Pty Ltd - itself a collective of 20 smaller firms of architects backed by leading members of the profession.


Directors: Robert Caulfield, Simon Waters, Chris McSteen, Arabella Georges, Regina Bron, Gary Hancock